A new beginning

It has been a while since I blogged.  More than a decade now !  But, the itch to write has never really gone away.  Making a new beginning again.  Lets hope this time it lasts.

Blogging is in some ways an exercise in vanity.  When you post something on a blog, the whole point is that someone out there has to read it!  But, then so is writing a book – the author expects the book to be read, and so, she writes.  Writing for the sake of the pleasure of writing used to be a pretty done thing in the old days, when people maintained diaries.  Of course, no one else got to read the diary, unless the writer would share it with someone else.  And so, while some of the more famous diaries eventually did get published, most of the writings of the world, which were done purely for the love of writing was lost to the world.

Today, maintaining a physical diary is not considered eco-friendly, as there are pages in it which are made of paper, and paper comes from trees and so, it is best that one maintains a digital diary.  Ergo, the blog.  Now, not only can one write, but also make it visible to the whole world, so that random strangers can come and comment, say vulgar things to you about your writing, all in anonymity and you end up looking like a complete fool, but, what do you know, this has really caught up and as per some web estimates, almost 200 million blogs are out there for people to go and randomly curse the author.  Wow!  Thats some choice.

So, here am I adding to that choice with this new beginning.  Tally ho…

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